AIARE Avalanche Courses

Avalanche Education is a fundamental need for anyone looking to ride and ski in the backcountry, especially on their own. For recreational skiers, Peak offers 3 AIARE avalanche courses with fantastic curriculums focused on hands-on learning: Avalanche 1, Avalanche Rescue, and Avalanche 2. Peak offers these distinct programs throughout the entire winter season in our home in the San Juans of Colorado.

Avalanche 1 (3 Days)

Our AIARE Avalanche 1 program is the quintessential bread and butter for the aspiring backcountry skier or rider. Over the course of 3 days we will cover fundamental topics including: avalanche types and characteristics, avalanche rescue, decision-making/teamwork, tour planning, snow science, and travel techniques. At Peak, we prioritize field time to get every student the most hands-on learning possible- and even make some powder turns!

Avalanche Rescue (1 Day)

The next course in the AIARE progression is the 1 day Avalanche Rescue course. A quick and efficient avalanche rescue is critical in saving a life; this course further develops students’ rescue skills. We will spend a few hours going over classroom material in the morning before transitioning into the field- covering new techniques and building upon previously learned concepts in AIARE 1.

Avalanche 2 (3 Days)

The AIARE Avalanche 2 is the final course in the recreational track of the AIARE progression. This 3 day program focuses on an in-depth look at snow profiles, advanced tour planning, and a high amount of mileage in the backcountry. In this newly designed curriculum, priority is given to field-time and getting students out in front of the group, working through more complex terrain under the watchful eye of an instructor.