The Best Four Days in Ouray

Do you have more than a weekend to spend in one of North America’s best ice climbing venues? The Best Four Days in Ouray is an itinerary intended for the climber interested in a proper sampling of the ice climbing of southwest Colorado. Our guides will show you around the Ouray Ice Park and many of the backcountry climbs the region is famous for!

December 15 – March 15

1 Person: $1,770
2 People: $1,258 per person
3 People: $1,181 per person
4 People: $1,013 per person

  • AMGA and IFMGA mountain guides
  • certified AMGA rock guide
  • following an IFMGA mountain guide
  • AMGA and IFMGA guides


This is an offering we like to call a “collection of awesome”. These are itineraries linking together our favorite objectives in the way we’d choose to experience them with our friends (i.e. YOU)! All of our offerings are 100% customizable, and the sample itinerary below is no exception. By spending almost a week with us, your guide will get to know you and be better able to craft an experience that’s just right for you.

Day 1:

The first day will be spent in the Ouray Ice Park. The convenience and variety of climbing here makes the Ice Park a perfect venue to review and/or learn ice climbing movement. On this day your guide will be focused on helping you advance your movement and at the same time talking through a plan for the week.

Day 2:

The second day is often spent in the Ouray Ice Park as well. Two days in the Ice Park, you ask? With over 200 named climbs there’s more than one entire season of climbing here! While the first day was focused on movement skill, this day is focused on exploring the Ice Park’s more exciting and less accessible climbing.

Rest Day:

Even those of us who live for climbing understand the value of a rest day. Take the day to soak in the hot springs while what you’ve learned soaks in and get rested up for the next two days of awesome. If you’re a savage warrior who doesn’t take rest days, no problem. We’re happy to condense the itinerary to 4 days in a row or add a day of backcountry skiing or snowshoeing to allow your arms to catch up.

Day 3:

This is moderate day in the backcountry to get your groove on. If your group is larger than 2 a second guide will join the party to allow multipitch climbing. Depending on what your guide has learned of your goals and interests, this day could be spent in the Skylight area doing several shorter climbs in the backcountry near Ouray.

Day 4:

You’ve spent the whole week preparing for this day, the final objective. Peak has permits to virtually the entire range and we’re keen to get out and do something classic! Options are abound and you are ready for a big day. Climbs such as Stairway to Heaven, Whorehouse Hoses, Horsetail Falls, and The Ribbon are all on the list of possibilities!


Group Size

This is a private program, no one else will be paired with your party and you pick the dates.

Time and Place

Each day is a custom affair. In general, you can expect to meet here at the office at 280 7th Ave in Ouray at 7:30 am and finish up around 3:30 pm. Days in the Ice Park usually stick to a predictable schedule while backcountry days tend to vary and often include an earlier start.

Getting to Ouray

Details on lodging/shuttles. We provide transportation from the office to the Ice Park or trailhead each day of your trip.

Equipment List

All the technical climbing equipment required for this outing is included.

Rental Gear

If you’re interested in renting gear (but not hiring a guide).