Hut Based AIARE Leve 1 Avalanche Course

This is a 4-day hut based introductory course on avalanche fundamentals. Learn proper preparations, route selection, and observations in the field. Our avalanche staff have been hand picked for their depth of experience. They are all certified AIARE instructors and trained by the AMGA as ski guides with intimate knowledge of the San Juan’s.

$925 per person
(Includes hut fee, meals, and course materials.)

January 9-12, 2020

  • backcountry skiing instruction on Red Mountain Pass, Colorado Image
  • Hut based level 1 avalanche course evaluating the snowpack
  • snow pit evaluation


Our hut based AIARE Level 1 Avalanche Course immerses you in avalanche study for four days of intensive learning.  This course utilizes our award-winning AIARE 1 curriculum and provides an intimate backcountry learning experience at the beautiful Last Dollar Hut.

The Last Dollar Hut

The course takes place at the Last Dollar Hut on the San Juan Hut System in between Ridgway and Telluride, Colorado. The hut offers exceptional skiing right outside the front door. There are big alpine bowls, skinny chutes, and gladed tree runs. Because the hut capacity is limited to eight people, the terrain around the hut rarely gets skied out and fresh powder lingers for weeks after a storm.

Experienced, Highly Q