Project Description

Ice Fundamentals Course

This course is focused on giving participants the skills to become an independent party in a single pitch venue. Ice climbing movement skills are expanded from the Intro course into more difficult terrain up to WI4 to WI5.

$685 per person

  • Ouray Ice Park guided ice climbing and ice climbing courses

Program Itinerary

Day 1:

We start a little early on the first day to make time for a backpack explosion and gear shake down. Next we travel up to the ice park and dive into anchors beginning with using a “anchor rope” to extend the master point. Most of the first day will be focused on movement review and building on skills from the Intro course.

Day 2:

Participants start the second day by setting up the anchor. The team will enter gorge via rappel, learning how to extend the device and use a friction hitch backup. The focus of the day is anchors. Throughout the day, you’ll switch climbs frequently to allow movement refinement on numerous climbs and the opportunity to get repetition building the anchor.

Day 3:

This day is focused on top managed belays. Aspects of lowering a climber in from the top of the climb and belaying them back us will be covered as well as simple mechanical advantage to raise if necessary.

Program Dates

December 28-30, 2018
January 19-21, 2019
February 16-18, 2019
March 1-3, 2019

Skills Covered

  • Place and remove ice and rock protection
  • Build a “trad” anchor (including use of anchor rope)
  • Directional protection
  • V threads
  • Configure plaquette for lower
  • Top belay w/ plaquette
  • 3:1 haul
  • Throwing rope down
  • Rappel on an extension w/ backup
  • Review triangle and traversing movement
  • Progress movement to WI4
  • Incorporate placing screws on toprope

Program Details

Group Size

This is an open enrollment course. The maximum group size is 3.

Time and Place

This trip meets at our office at 280 7th Ave in Ouray at 7:30am. Usually, this course runs in the Ouray Ice Park. It is possible on some courses to spend time outside of the park.

Getting to Ouray

Details on lodging/shuttles. We provide transportation from the office to the Ice Park on the day of your trip.

Equipment List

All the technical climbing equipment required for this outing is included.