Project Description

Multipitch Application – Ice

The second 2/5ths of our learn to lead program is presented separately for clarity and to accommodate those who need to take the two blocks separately for scheduling reasons.

Technical Skills:
Selecting a belay stance
Rope management
Protect the belay
Multiple stage rappel
Reading the CAIC bulletin
Basic avalanche equipment and use

Efficiency and moving faster though bigger terrain

Program Itinerary

Day 1: 7:30 am start
At this point you’ve already gotten acquainted with the instructor so we waste no time jumping into the curriculum. At a suitable location we’ll cover multipitch topics and do hands on practice in the form of “mini-pitching” for half the day then move into more realistic terrain in the afternoon.

Day 2: 7:30 am start
This is your capstone project. Students will be given a number of choices of multipitch routes to lead based on their demonstrated ability. The guide will be alongside to give pointers and keep things on track, but this is your chance to put it all together.

Program Dates

January 5-6, 2019
February 4-5, 2019
February 17-18, 2019
March 14-15, 2019

Program Details


$485 per person.

Cost includes: Instruction and guiding with an AMGA certified instructor/guide, technical ice climbing equipment and transportation to the climbing area each day from the office.


The New Leader Course


Maximum of 3:1

Ouray Ice Climbing Equipment List (PDF)