Unaweep Canyon Rock Climbing

Unaweep Canyon is just south of Grand Junction and one of Colorado’s hidden gems. The granite walls of the canyon are perfect for groups or individuals looking to take their trad climbing to the next level.

It is possible to climb here 12 months of the year!

1 Person: $350
2 People: $231 per person
3 People: $175 per person
4 People: $147 per person
5 People: $126 per person
6 People: $112 per person

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  • Unaweep Canyon Rock Climbing


Unaweep Canyon is tucked away in a picturesque canyon just south of Grand Junction. The entrance of the canyon is sandstone with incredible bouldering. As you drive deeper into the canyon, the sandstone gives way to clean granite walls. There is great camping for those interested in staying more than one day even though we’re only a short drive from Grand Junction.

Skill Development

There are a number of crags in Unaweep that function really well as a classroom. Learn anchor construction, movement skills, self-rescue techniques, and more.

Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing

With many buttresses greater than 600 feet in height, Unaweep is a great destination for getting off the deck on longer routes. Peak uses Unaweep as a stepping stone for the even longer climbs of the Black Canyon.

Group Top-Roping

Unaweep has easily accessible crags with a wide variety of climbing. There are routes suitable for the most reluctant beginner alongside climbs requiring greater skill level.


Group Size

This is a private program, no one else will be paired with your party and you pick the dates.

Time and Place

Each day is a custom affair. In general, you can expect to meet your guide near Unaweep. It is not uncommon for guests staying in Ouray or Ridgway to meet at our office at 160 Liddell St in Ridgeway.

Equipment List

All the technical climbing equipment required for this outing is included.