Mt Baker Alpine Climbing

Mt Baker at 10,786′ is an excellent introduction to alpine climbing in the Cascade Range of Washington.

Private Expedition Cost
1 person: $479 per day
2 people: $302 per person/day
3 people: $204 per person/day
4 people: $168 per person/day

June 1 – July 15

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Best Climbing Routes on Mt Baker

The North Ridge

This is the crown jewel of alpine ice climbing and technical mountaineering in the Cascade Range. For climbers looking to test their endurance and mountaineering techniques, this route ascends sustained steep snow and moderate ice as you navigate through complex glaciated terrain. Enjoy the incredible views of the sweeping glacier falling beneath your feet as you climb higher, winding through a series of bottomless crevasses and around large jutting seracs. The North Ridge is great preparation for more committing glaciated alpine climbs throughout the Greater Ranges. Most people enjoy this route most as a 3 day objective, using the casual approach day to spend time at the toe of the glacier reviewing skills before the ascent. Instead of packing up camp and hiking out immediately following your summit climb, enjoy the dramatic views and relaxation below the impressive west face of Koma Kulshan.


As the second largest glaciated peak in the contiguous 48 states, Mt. Baker is an ideal venue for an introduction to mountaineering. A 3 hour hike brings you to a beautiful alpine campsite below the impressive Mt. Baker rising above with glaciers spilling over steep cliffs, fresh snowmelt water gushing, and wildflowers blooming in this fragile environment. The Coleman-Deming glacier offers easy access a classroom customized for everything you need to learn in order to be a capable and self-sufficient mountaineer, with steep snow for honing your crampon technique, crevasses for practicing ice climbing during summer, and a big mountain to focus on navigation tools. A big summit day to the top of this active stratovolcano offers rewarding 360 degree views of the surrounding mountains and the start to your mountaineering career.

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