Best Four Days Rock Climbing in Moab

Do you have more than a weekend to spend in one of North America’s most enchanting rock climbing venues? Moab is the starting point for climbing Utah’s splitter sandstone cracks in Indian Creek and Castle Valley.

We recommend the spring and fall for climbing in the desert. Spring (late March through June) is characterized by long days an mild weather while fall September through Early November) offers cool temperatures and the most stable weather.

1 Person: $1,330
2 People: $878 per person
3 People: $756 per person
4 People: $638 per person

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This is an offering we like to call a “collection of awesome”. These are itineraries linking together our favorite objectives in the way we’d choose to experience them with our friends (i.e. YOU)! All of our offerings are 100% customizable, and the sample itinerary below is no exception. By spending almost a week with us, your guide will get to know you and be better able to craft an experience that’s just right for you.

Day 1:
The first day will typically be spent at Wall St. a great venue with a wide variety of options. Here we can sort our the groups ability, teach any number of skills related to movement or systems, and get a feel for how the rest of the itinerary will flow.

Day 2:
The second day is often spent at Indian Creek. There is no where better in the world to hone your crack technique than Indian Creek. An indoctrination into featureless parallel sided cracks is a process often described as, well, difficult. That’s why you’re with us, right? We can take you through step by step the skills needed to make crack climbing comfortable and enjoyable.

Rest Day:
Even those of us who live for climbing understand the value of a rest day. There are numerous activities to check out in and around Moab: mountain biking, canyoning, Arches National Park, and much more. If you’re a warrior with limited vacation time we’re happy to run this program as four consecutive days.

Day 4:
This day varies. Sometimes we revisit Indian Creek or check out a new crag around Moab. Each group has a slightly different experience, it’s the whole point of having a guide who knows you and knows the area!

Day 5:
You’ve spent the whole week preparing for this day, the final objective. There are any number of towers to climb from the famed Castleton Tower to lesser known objectives like Parriot Mesa. This magnificent desert landscape has enchanted climbers for generations  and we hope you can join us for an amazing climbing experience!


Group Size

This is a private program, no one else will be paired with your party and you pick the dates. For any of the single pitch climbing days the ratio is capped at 4 climbers to 1 guide while the final objective is capped at 2 climbers to 1 guide. If you have a group larger than these ratios additional guides will be added and a group discount applied.


This itinerary is optimized for the group looking to stay in a hotel in Moab. It’s easily adjusted to stay part of the time camping in Indian Creek then move to a camp ground in Moab. The hotel we recommend in Moab is the Moab Valley Inn.

Time and Place

Each day is a custom affair. In general, you can expect to meet the first day in Moab at 8:00 am and finish up around 4:00 pm. The timeline for the following days are subject to a number of factors, but mostly depend on what you want to do.

Equipment List

All the technical climbing equipment required for this outing is included.
View equipment list as PDF

Classic Rock Climbs of Moab

Castleton Tower 5.9

The most famous route on this iconic tower is Kor Ingalls. A slightly lesser known, but exceptionally popular moderate route is the North Chimney at a moderate grade of 5.9.

Perhaps the most classic route is the North Face. At solid 5.11- it’s not the choice for most inaugural trips up Castleton, but if you have the movement skill this is by far one of the best routes in Castle Valley.

castleton tower rock climbing north chimney with peak mountain guides best 4 days moab rock climbing

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