Ice and Mixed Movement Course

This is a 2 day course designed to advance a climber who has gained competency with basic ice movement (triangle) into types of movement required for narrow, thin, steep, or discontinuous ice and mixed terrain.

Whether you wish to move onto learning to lead or will only ever toprope, this is a must-do to improve your ice climbing movement!

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Day 1:
The course begins by going back to the basics for an in depth discussion of tool ergonomics and placement. We’ll dig into the details of different equipment and the subtle variations in the swing of one tool versus another. Additionally, a detailed review of crampon placement will round out the groundwork for the remainder of our lessons. We’ll review the basic triangle movement pattern before expanding it’s application on steep ice. The afternoon will cover pillar technique or narrow sections of ice then dive into the complexities of body placement on climbs with more complex features.

Day 2:
The second day is focused on climbs with thin ice or mixed climbs. The foundational lessons on tool and crampon placement will serve you well here. Delicate, deliberate, and controlled movements are required to negotiate the lack of security thin ice provides. We’ll introduce placing the tool and crampons on rock holds and get into the basics of mixed climbing.

Skills Covered

  • Refinement of triangle technique
  • Movement on ice pillars
  • Refinement of technique for steep ice
  • Thin Ice
  • Introduction to mixed climbing

Next Steps

Learn to Lead Ice Course

This is a 4-day learn-to-lead program where participants are given the tools and instruction to take the sharp end on ice climbs. Multi-pitch climbing is covered. A significant amount of time is invested in ice climbing technique and movement.

lead climbing in the ouray ice park

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