Indian Creek Rock Climbing

Indian Creek is THE world destination for crack climbing. Rock climbing is a progression in most every way. Learning to crack climb is no different. Whether you’re looking to try your first featureless hand crack or work with an instructor who can take you to the next level.

While spring and fall are the prime season, it is possible to climb here year round.

1 person: $350
2 people: $231 per person
3 people: $175 per person
4 people: $147 per person

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Learn Crack Technique and Progress

If you are looking to take your climbing to the next level, Indian Creek is the place to hone one very specific skill that will serve you well: crack climbing technique.

Part of the Ultimate Rock Pass

Indian Creek is part of our Ultimate Rock Pass. The Ultimate Rock Pass is a punch pass style offering that marries the benefits of 1 on 1 instruction and guidance of a guide with the cost savings of a group enrollment program. This pass is good anywhere we offer rock climbing “day trips”.

Crack Clinic Option

We offer a 3-day crack climbing clinic in Indian Creek. This clinic allows you to learn in a group setting and enjoy the social benefits of climbing. We’ll work on all sizes of cracks during the clinic and meet each participant at their level. One of many great aspects of Indian Creek is the variety of climbing that can usually be found within any section of a wall!

The Upside Down of Rock Climbing

Indian Creek represents a right of passage in rock climbing. Miles from so much as a gas station, there’s an endless assortment of sizes, shapes, and angles of featureless cracks. You might say it’s the center of the crack climbing universe and the first stop for many on their lifelong journey of mastering crack climbing.

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Program Details

Time and Place

This trip meets in Indian Creek. Details will be coordinated with you guide.

A common Meeting place is the Supercrack Parking Lot.

Equipment List

All the technical climbing equipment required for this outing is included.
View equipment list as PDF

Group Size

This is a private program, no one else will be paired with your party. If your group is larger than 4 for toproping, we apply a group discount and additional guides are added to keep the guest to guide ratio at 4:1 or lower.

Refund Policy

You may cancel and receive a refund of a Program for events out of your control such as an injury or family emergency. This refund will be less credit card fees. Transfers (or change of date) are allowed at no cost pending availability. You may not receive a refund if do not to show up to a Program without notice.

Get in Touch, We’ll Help You Sort This Out!

Really, just call or text! We specialize in getting to know you and planning the best trip possible with our partner, you.

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