Project Description

Kids and Family Ice Climbing

Ice climbing is a fantastic winter sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It can be learned quickly and it offers a thrilling experience that is unlike just about anything else! We offer a half day program that is designed for kids, families, and groups. In this program you will learn the basics of ice climbing and you will get to experience the joy of climbing up a frozen wall of ice in the Ouray Ice Park.

7:30am-12pm or 12pm-4:30pm

1 person: $325
2 people: $215 per person
3 people: $163 per person
4 people: $137 per person

  • Beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert mixed climbing
  • kids ice climbing in the ouray ice park for all ages


Experience the Ouray Ice Park

The Ouray Ice Park is the largest, most accessible, and diverse ice climbing park in the world. It has routes for all ability levels with a large proportion of routes at the beginner level. This makes it an ideal place for kids ice climbing and it is a perfect place for adults to learn to ice climb too. The canyon is incredibly beautiful with crystalline blue ice flows lining the steep walls. With great ice climbing and appealing natural beauty, it is an experience of a lifetime to climb in the Ouray Ice Park.

Educational & Fun

Our kids and family ice climbing programs emphasize learning new skills in a safety-oriented, fun-focused atmosphere. You will learn how to swing the ice tools, kick the crampons and make smooth progress up the ice. Our expert guides will provide helping instruction and friendly encouragement as you are learning this exciting sport. Most participants will climb 2-4 times in this half day program.


Group Size

This is a private program, no one else will be paired with your party. If your group is larger than 4, we apply a group discount and additional guides are added to keep the guest to guide ratio at 4:1 or lower.

Time and Place

This trip meets at our office at 480 Main Street in Ouray at 7:30am or 12:30pm depending on if you’ve selected morning or afternoon.

Getting to Ouray

Details on lodging/shuttles. We provi